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Survey of relationship between work environment and subjective well-being of nurses

WU Xiao-rong, YANG Yan   

  1. Department of Nursing, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200127, China
  • Online:2014-06-28 Published:2014-06-30


Objective To analyze the effects of the work environment on the subjective well-being of nurses by investigating the current status of work environment and subjective well-being of nurses. Methods The general well-being scale and perceive nursing environment scale were used to investigate 464 nurses. Results The overall scores of work environment were 79.83±9.70. For each item, the average scores were 2.76±0.23. Among all dimensions, the highest scores were the ability and leadership skills of nursing managers (2.92±0.14) and the lowest scores were sufficient manpower and material resources (2.36±0.27). The overall scores of subjective well-being were 74.18±12.787. The positions, departments, and whether work on shifts influenced the subjective well-being of nurses (P<0.05). The work environment was positively correlated to the subjective well-being of nurses (P<0.01). Conclusion The work environment of investigated nurses is at a middle level. Their subjective well-being is good. The work environment is closely related to the subjective well-being. Positive work environment is helpful for improving the subjective well-being of nurses.

Key words: nurses, work environment, subjective well-being