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Translational medicine pathway: the health care promoted by modern life science discovering

ZHANG Kan1, LI Hui-yi2, FANG Yi-fang3   

  1. 1.Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Shanghai 200125, China; 2.East Hospital Affiliated of Tongji University, Shanghai 200085, China; 3.Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200030, China
  • Online:2014-04-28 Published:2014-05-13


There is the common understanding regarding the limitations of the classic medicine and the optional targets with their pathways in the modern life science age. Based on the characteristics of life science, it is highlighting the cutting edge connections among advanced study, clinic trial and social science for the sprouting of translational medicine as well as the role of pharmaceutical industry. Here, the central player of the ethic value is humanism theory. We are the explorers for the human body secrets while our bodies are the specimen for all the research projects. The translational medicine should be regulated by two guidelines, medical ethic between patient and doctor as well as scientific ethic between researcher and project. As soon as the ethic value meets the development of human society, translational medicine will contribute to all fields of the disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation finally.

Key words: translational medicine, medical ethic, management of health care