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Satisfaction survey of reengineering rehydration process of hospital

GAO Yang, JIANG Li-juan, GU Wei-min, DENG Xue-qin, TAO Yong-lin, YUAN Qing   

  1. Ruijin Hospital North, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 201801, China
  • Online:2015-11-28 Published:2016-01-13


Objective  To understand the difference of satisfaction towards rehydration process between patients and medical staff and influencing factors after reengineering the rehydration process by lean management and explore and perfect strategies according to deficiencies. Methods  The questionnaire of satisfaction towards the rehydration process was designed and patients and medical staff were surveyed. A total of 606 patients and 103 medical staff were selected by the stratified random sampling method. The difference analysis was conducted by independent samples t test and univariate analysis of variance and hospital running data was also analyzed. Results  The degree of satisfaction towards the rehydration process of patients and medical staff after reengineering was high, but their focuses were slightly different. Male patients were more likely to accept the new mode than female patients. The degree of satisfaction towards the rehydration process of patients under 30 years old and patients of 51 to 60 years old was higher. Pharmacy and nursing staff were more sensitive to phases of rehydration process. The stability of intelligent railway logistics system needed improvement. Conclusion  Introduction of lean management to the hospital management is important. Attention should be paid to actual experiences of patients and medical staff during the course of reengineering the rehydration process. Satisfaction tracking should be adopted to achieve continuous optimization. The rehydration model after reengineering is worth promoting.

Key words: lean management, intelligent logistics system; , rehydration process reengineering, satisfaction