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Evaluation of testicular function in cryptorchid children

XU Li-ya1 , LIU Qing-xu1, XU Wu-hen2, LI Pin1   

  1. 1.Department of Pediatric Endocrinology,2.Department of Laboratory Medicine, Shanghai Children’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200062,China
  • Online:2017-01-28 Published:2017-01-19
  • Supported by:

    Foundation of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality,12411952408, 13495810300;Project of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center,SHDC12015111


Objective · To investigate the effects of different types of cryptorchidism on testicular Leydig-cells and Sertoli-cells function at different ages of prepubertal boys. Methods · One hundred and one prepubertal cryptorchid boys were classified into categories according to different ages, position of testes and unilateral-bilateral cryptorchidism and they were conducted luteinizing hormone releasing hormone(LHRH) stimulation test, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) stimulation test, serum-Anti-Müllerian-Hormone (AMH) and inhibin-B (InhB)detection. The control group consisted of prepubertal boys with normal external genitalia and no urinary system diseases. Results · In case group, testosterone levels were significantly higher in 0.5-1years patients than other subgroups after hCG stimulation. The AMH and InhB levels in the case group were obviously lower than the control group. Compared with low-position group, testosterone-values after hCG stimulation tests, AMH and InhB-values in high-position group were respectively significantly lower. Testosterone-values after hCG stimulation tests, AMH and InhB-values between unilateral group and bilateral group all had no significant difference. Conclusion · During the prepubertal period, the testicular Sertoli cells were firstly affected by cryptorchidism. The testicular Leydig cells were not seriously affected in the cryptorchid boys within 1year. The position of testes, not the unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism, played a role in the normal testicular function.

Key words: cryptorchidism, Leydig cell, Sertoli cell, prepubertal