JOURNAL OF SHANGHAI JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY (MEDICAL SCIENCE) ›› 2020, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (06): 768-775.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2020.06.010

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Bioinformatics analysis of expression profiles of long noncoding RNA in endometrial cancer

JIAN Fang-fang1, CHE Xiao-xia2, FENG Wei-wei1   

  1. 1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200025, China; 2. Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai 200011, China
  • Online:2020-06-28 Published:2020-06-28
  • Supported by:
    Shanghai Municipal Education Commission—Gaofeng Clinical Medicine Grant Support (20172003); National Natural Science Foundation of China (81700692).

Abstract: Objective · To analyze the differentially expressed profiles of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) in endometrial cancer (EC) tissues and normal endometrial tissues. Methods · The RNA was extracted from 21 EC tissues and 5 normal endometrial tissues, respectively, and lncRNAs expression profiles were analyzed and screened by transcriptome sequencing technology. Gene Ontology (GO) function analysis and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway analysis were carried out for the differentially expressed lncRNAs, and their expression differences between the transcriptome sequencing and TCGA database were analyzed. Results · There were 3 060 differentially expressed lncRNAs, of which 2 046 were up-regulated and 1 014 were down-regulated. GO functional analysis showed that these lncRNAs were associated with cell adhesion, immune response, inflammatory response and cell proliferation. KEGG pathway analysis showed that these lncRNAs were mainly enriched on the pathways, such as PI3K-Akt signaling pathway, cell adhesion and cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction. Intersection analysis showed that 57 lncRNAs were up-regulated or down-regulated simultaneously in the sequencing results and TCGA database. Conclusion · The expression of lncRNAs in EC tissues and normal endometrial tissues are significantly different, suggesting that it may play an important role in the occurrence and development of EC.

Key words: endometrial cancer (EC), long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), gene expression profile

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