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Analysis of SP subgroup of colon cancer cell line SW480

WANG Bing1, LIU Wen-yong1, YE Dong-xia2, GAO Gang-long1, CHENG Hai-bing3   

  1. 1.Department of General Surgery, 2.Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 3.College of Clinical Medicine, the Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200011, China
  • Online:2011-08-28 Published:2011-08-29
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    Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Foundation, 08JC1414200;Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau Foundation, 2007157;National College Student Innovation Foundation, 081024850


Objective To sort the side population (SP) subgroup in colon cancer cell line SW480, and explore whether SP cells have biological properties of tumor stem cells. Methods Hoechst33342 and PI staining was performed on 1×107/mL SW480 cells of logarithmic growth phase, and cells were treated with 80 μg/mL verapamil. SP cells were sorted by flow cytometry. Cell growth curves of SP cells and non-SP cells were drawn with MTT method, and clonogenic assay was performed. These two cells were subcutaneously inoculated into nude mice, and the tumorigenesis was observed. Results It was revealed by Hoechest33342 staining that the percent of SP subgroup was (1.43±0.05)%, and was decreased to (0.01±0.01)% after treatment with verapamil (P<0.05). Cell growth curves indicated that the growth rate in non-SP group was significantly lower than that in SP group (P<0.05). It was demonstrated by clonogenic assay that 15 d after inoculation, the number of cell clones in SP group (49.33±8.21) was significantly larger than that in non-SP group (31.03±5.29)(P<0.01). In 1×105 SP inoculation group, tumorigenesis was observed in 50% of mice, while there was no tumorigenesis in non-SP group (P<0.01). Conclusion There exists SP subgroup in human SW480 cells, whose proliferation ability may be higher than that of non-SP cells. Further experiments should be performed to purify SP cells.

Key words: SW480 cell line, SP subgroup, tumor stem cells, colon cancer