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Status survey on medical students′ professional thinking and the analysis of influencing factors

WANG Dao-zhen, ZOU Yang, LI Xing-wei, LI Ya-min   

  1. Teaching Office, Clinical Medical School, the Sixth People′s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200233, China
  • Online:2014-02-28 Published:2014-03-25


Objective To comprehensively collect the developing trends of professional thinking from students with different programs and majors, to analyze major influent factors, to provide possible suggestions and countermeasures for education and management, and to guide students to form correct views of professional learning and career development based on the investigation and analysis of students′ professional thinking of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Methods Questionnaires were prepared and the survey was performed for students of five-year program (n=300) and eight-year program (n=180). Results were statistically analyzed. Results There were 455 returned questionnaires (94.8%), among which 432 were valid questionnaires (94.9%, 285 from five-year program and 147 from eight-year program). Differences were not significant in terms of professional thinking and understanding, while differences were significant in terms of personal career development (P<0.05) and relevant planning (P<0.001). Conclusion The instability of medical students′ professional thinking reflects in many aspects, as well as the influence factors. It is necessary to enhance education management, mental health and career planning education, teachers′ capacities, and integrate the professional thinking education into every phase of pre-school education and school education.

Key words: clinical medical student, professional thinking, influencing factors, counter measure