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Comparison of the prognosis in patients with diabetic nephropathy undergoing different phases of hemodialysis

BIAN Zhi-xiang, CHEN Pei-hua, GU Hui-yi, HU Chun, PAN Yu   

  1. Department of Nephrology, Shanghai Ninth Peoples Hospital, Shanghai  Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 201999, China
  • Online:2016-06-28 Published:2016-07-25


Objective To compare the survival rate of patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN) who underwent different phases of hemodialysis (i.e. emergency hemodialysis and planned hemodialysis). Methods Patients with DN who underwent emergency hemodialysis or planned hemodialysis between June 1, 2008 and June 31, 2015 were enrolled. Patients were assigned to the emergency hemodialysis group and the planned hemodialysis group and their demographic and clinical data were collected. Patients were followed up till January 31, 2016. Kaplan Meier method and log rank test were used to analyze the survival rate of the patients. Results A total of 117 DN patients undergoing hemodialysis were enrolled and assigned to the emergency hemodialysis group (n=62) and the planned hemodialysis group (n=55). The mortality rate was significantly higher in the emergency hemodialysis group (38.7%) than in the planned hemodialysis group (21.8%)(P=0.043). Eliminating patients died within three months, the differences in survival rates at each stage from 6 months to 5 years after hemodialysis between the two groups were not statistically significant. Kaplan-Meier survival curve analysis revealed that the overall mortality rate in the planned hemodialysis group was higher as compared with the emergency hemodialysis initially (P=0.034). Conclusion For patients with DN, the overall survival rate in patients undergoing the planned hemodialysis was higher as compared with patients undergoing the emergency hemodialysis. Most deaths in DN patients undergoing emergency hemodialysis occured within beginning three months after hemodialysis.

Key words: emergency hemodialysis, planned hemodialysis, survival rate