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Outcomes of reconstruction of posterior eyelid defect with hard palate mucosa grafts

ZHU Hui-min, LI Zheng-kang, SUN Ying, FAN Xian-qun   

  1. Department of Ophthalmology, the Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200011, China
  • Online:2011-08-28 Published:2011-08-29
  • Supported by:

    Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project, S30205


Objective To observe the effects and safety of reconstruction of posterior eyelid (tarsal conjunctiva) defect with hard palate mucosa grafts. Methods The clinical and follow-up data of 17 patients with posterior eyelid defect undergoing construction with autologous hard palate mucosa grafts were retrospectively analysed. Among the 17 patients, 10 were males (10 eyes), the other 7 were females (7 eyes), and all patients aged between 21 to 79 years. Ten cases were caused by eyelid tumor, 2 by chemical damage, 3 by trauma and 2 by eyelid retraction after socket reconstruction. There were 9 cases of upper eyelid defect and 8 cases of lower eyelid defect. During the follow up, the appearance of eyelid and the corneal irritation symptoms were observed, and the corneal epithelium was observed under slit lamp. Results Patients were followed up for 3 months to 3 years. All patients had an ideal appearance of eyelid. There was no discomfort in patients with construction of lower eyelid defect. Some patients with construction of upper eyelid defect suffered from conjunctival congestion and foreign body sensation, and corneal abrasion was observed under slit lamp. These symptoms disappeared after local symptomatic treatment. Conclusion Hard palate mucosa has intact epithelial tissues and similar toughness to tarsus, can provide an effective reconstruction of posterior eyelid defect, and has a good effect to support the lower eyelid.

Key words: eyelid defect, hard palate mucosa, transplantation