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Correlation of pain experience during mammography with factors of breast density and breast compressed thickness

BAI Jia-yuan, HE Zhi-yan, DONG Jia-ni, YAO Ge-hong, CHEN Hai-xi, LI Kang-an   

  1. Department of Radiology, The First People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200080, |China
  • Online:2010-09-25 Published:2010-09-27


Objective To investigate the prevalence of pain experience during mammography, and explore its correlation with factors of breast density and breast compressed thickness. Methods One hundred and sixty-three women were performed X-ray mammography by 4 radiographers in Shanghai for the purpose of general physical examinations, and each woman was surveyed with a 21-item questionnaire immediately after examination, which included questions about pain intensity, breast density and breast compressed thickness during mammography. The obtained data were statistically analysed. Results Pain experience was reported in 65.6% of women, with the percents of women with mild, moderate and severe pain experience of 53.3%, 33.6% and 13.1%, respectively. In moderate to severe pain group, the percent of breast density greater than 50% was 24.0%. There were significant differences in breast compressed thickness of cranio-caudal view among different levels of pain (χ2=211.184,P<0.001). With the increase of breast compressed thickness, pain intensity also showed an increasing trend. There were significant differences among the pain levels caused by 4 radiographers during mammography (χ2=24.867,P=0.015). Conclusion There is a higher prevalence of pain experience associated with mammography, which may deter women from regular mammography examinations and breast cancer screening. The factor of breast density can predict a painful mammographic experience. Controlling over breast compression is acceptable in women whose breasts are particularly sensitive. Besides, attitude improvement and regular training for radiographers are favourable measures to reduce the pain experience during mammography.

Key words: mammography, breast density, breast compressed thickness, pain