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Effects of angiotensin Ⅱ type-2 receptor on inflammatory reactions in cardiovascular diseases

DU Ming-jun, LIAN Feng, XUE Song   

  1. Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200127, China
  • Online:2016-05-28 Published:2016-05-26
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    Medicine Guidance Project of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality,124119a2100


Most cardiovascular diseases are associated with chronic inflammatory reactions. The rennin angiotensin system (RAS) is involved in occurrence and development of the cardiovascular inflammation. The inflammatory effect of angiotensin Ⅱ (Ang II) is mainly achieved via the AngⅡ type-1 (AT1) receptor. However, Ang Ⅱ type-2 (AT2) receptor is less well understood as compared with AT1 receptor. Recent studies have found that AT2 receptor also participates in the inflammatory reaction process of many cardiovascular diseases. Stimulated AT2 receptor can inhibit the development of inflammation at different levels. This paper reviews mechanism of the involvement of AT2 receptor in regulating inflammatory reactions of cardiovascular system.

Key words: angiotensin Ⅱ, AT2 receptor, inflammation; cardiovascular diseases