Guide for Reviewers

  • Guide for Reviewers

    1.    Reviewers should be highly responsible for the journal, the readers and the authors, reviewing the manuscripts with a serious and careful attitude, evaluating the manuscript solely on the basis of quality. Reviewers should avoid reviewing any manuscript from authors who are related to them.

    2.    The comment on the manuscript should be clear-stated for the whole article and for each part. The reviewers should try to make all suggestions in one time, so as to avoid rejection of submission after many times of modification.

    3.    The reviewer’s names for each manuscript are confidential during the reviewing process. Reviewers should not show the paper to or discuss the paper with others. If you truly need to discuss with someone, his/her name must be specified in the comment and he/she has to be asked to keep confidential. Do not disclose your comment to anyone other than our editors, who will collect comments from all reviewers and contact the author directly.

    4.    The reviewers are required to complete their comment within 2 weeks. If the manuscript is not in line with your field or it is difficult for you to judge, it should be returned to the editorial office in time. You are appreciated if you could recommend a suitable reviewer in such case. If you cannot complete the review on time due to your work schedule or illness, please return the manuscript in time or inform the editorial office to postpone the due date. If you cannot complete the review because of a long-time travel, please inform the editorial office in advance and return the manuscript in time. The editorial office would send a reminder to you to complete your review when it is overdue.  

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