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程 群, 彭永德, 董维平, 王煜非, 吴景程, 丁晓颖   

  1. 上海交通大学 第一人民医院内分泌代谢科, 上海 200080
  • 出版日期:2009-08-25 发布日期:2009-09-27
  • 通讯作者: 彭永德, 电子信箱: pyongde@hotmail.com。
  • 作者简介:程群(1970—), 女, 副主任医师, 博士生;电子信箱: quncheng.med@gmail.com。
  • 基金资助:

    上海市科委引导计划项目(74119638); 上海市科委重点项目(064119517)

Pancreatic beta cell apoptosis inhibited by visfatin via mitochondrial pathways

CHENG Qun, PENG Yong-de, DONG Wei-ping, WANG Yi-fei, WU Jing-cheng, DING Xiao-ying   

  1. Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, The First People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200080, China
  • Online:2009-08-25 Published:2009-09-27
  • Supported by:

    Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Foundation, 74119638, 064119517


目的 探讨内脏脂肪素(visfatin)对棕榈酸诱导胰岛β细胞凋亡的影响。 方法 小鼠胰岛β细胞株MIN6体外传代培养,进入对数生长期后进行实验。MTT法检测不同浓度visfatin(0~10-7 mol/L)作用24~72 h后MIN6细胞活力变化。流式细胞术检测0.5 mmol/L棕榈酸和(或)10-8 mol/L visfatin处理24 h后MIN6细胞凋亡率的变化;Western blotting检测MIN6抗凋亡蛋白bcl-2、bax、激活型caspase-3和胞质细胞色素C表达的变化。 结果 Visfatin作用24~48 h,MIN6细胞活力呈剂量依赖性增加(P<0.05)。流式细胞仪检测发现,10-8 mol/L visfatin处理24 h可明显降低棕榈酸诱导的细胞凋亡率(P<0.05);Western blotting结果表明,10-8 mol/L visfatin可显著抑制棕榈酸引起的细胞内源性bcl-2表达的下调及激活型caspase-3和胞质细胞色素C表达的上调(P<0.05)。 结论 Visfatin可促进胰岛β细胞增殖,并通过细胞内线粒体途径抑制由棕榈酸诱导的胰岛β细胞凋亡。

关键词: 内脏脂肪素, 棕榈酸, 胰岛β细胞, 细胞凋亡


Objective To investigate the effects of visfatin on palmitate-induced islet β cell apoptosis.  Methods Mouse pancreatic cell line MIN6 was performed in vitro serial subcultivation, and subjected to experiment during exponential phase of growth. Cell viability of MIN6 was detected by MTT assay 24 to 72 h after induction by visfatin with different concentrations (0 to 10-7 mol/L). Cell apoptosis rate of MIN6 was examined by flow cytometry after induction by 0.5 mmol/L palmitate and/or 10-8 mol/L visfatin for 24 h, and expression of bcl-2, bax, cleaved caspase-3 and cytochrome C in endochylema was determined by Western blotting. Results Cell viability of MIN6 increased in a dose-dependent manner after treatment with visfatin for 24 to 48 h (P<0.05). It was revealed by flow cytometry that palmitate-induced apoptosis significantly reduced by 10-8 mol/L visfatin (P<0.05). It was demonstrated by Western blotting that 10-8 mol/L visfatin significantly inhibited the decreased expression of bcl2 and increased expression of cleaved caspase3 and cytochrome C induced by palmitate (P<0.05). Conclusion Visfatin may promote proliferation of pancreatic β cells, and inhibit palmitate-induced islet β cell apoptosis via mitochondrial pathways.

Key words: visfatin, palmitate, pancreatic &beta, cell, apoptosis