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Application of superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap in reconstruction after radical surgery of oral cancer

HE Yue1, JIN Shu-fang1, FANG Zao1, TIAN Zhuo-wei1, QIU Wei-liu1, ZHANG Yi-xin2, FENG Shao-qing2, TAO Xiao-feng3, ZHOU Hui-hong4, ZHANG Zhi-yuan1   

  1. 1. Department of Oral Maxillofacial and Head and Neck Oncology, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology, 2. Department of Plastic Surgery, 3. Department of Radiology, 4. Department of Ultrasonic Diagnosis, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200011, China

  • Online:2016-08-29 Published:2016-08-31
  • Supported by:

    National Natural Science Foundation of China, 81570949, 81271112; Shanghai Municipal Education Commission–Gaofeng Clinical Medicine Grant Support, 20152222


Objective · To investigate the anatomic and imaging characteristics of superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator (SCIP) flap and its clinical application in reconstruction after radical surgery of oral cancer. Methods · Fifteen patients underwent the SCIP flap reconstruction after radical surgery of oral cancer. All patients received preoperative examinations with CT angiography, color Doppler ultrasonography and/or MR angiography. The vascular dissection for superficial circumflex iliac artery (SCIA) and defect reconstruction were performed intra-operatively. The function recovery in recipient and donor sites was evaluated postoperatively. Patients were followed up for 2-10 months. Results · The average area and thickness of dissected flaps were (46 ± 22) cm2 and (1.2 ± 0.3) cm, respectively. The relationship between SCIA, deep circumflex iliac artery (DCIA), and superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) could be classified into type 1 (8/15), type 2 (2/15), type 3 (2/15), type 4 (2/15), and type 5 (1/15). Good aesthetic outcome was obtained after surgery in the recipient sites and mouth-open width, speech, and mastication function recovered well. Conclusion · The SCIP flap is a pliable flap with long vascular pedicles and hidden donor site morbidity and an ideal option for oral maxillofacial defect reconstruction.

Key words: perforator flap, superficial circumflex iliac artery, oral maxillofacial, carcinoma, reconstruction