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Biological characteristics and gene profile analysis of two kinds of mofetal liver stromal cells

WANG Yun-han1, CHI Ya-nan1, YANG Guan-heng2, FAN Shu-yue1, MA Ji1, XUE Yan1, 2, ZENG Fan-yi1, 2   

  1. 1. Department of Histoembryology, Genetics & Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Basic Medical Sciences, Shanghai 200025, China; 2. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Embryo and Reproduction Engineering, National Health Commission of the People′s Republic of China Key Laboratory of Medical Embryogenesis and Developmental Molecular Biology, Shanghai Institute of Medical Genetics, Childrens Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200040, China
  • Online:2019-11-28 Published:2019-12-16
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    National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China, 2014CB964701, 2014CB964703; National Natural Science Foundation of China, 31871484; Shanghai Top-Priority Clinical Key Disciplines Construction Project, 2017ZZ02019; Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, 16ZR1428600

Abstract: Objective · To explore the differences in morphology, molecular characteristics and biological functions of different types of mofetal liver stromal cells. Methods · E13.5 mofetal liver stromal cells were obtainedadherent culture, and different cell types were distinguishedmorphology and of surface markers, such as CD44, CD29, CD106, CD45 and Sca-1. Then microarray assay was conductedMoGenome 430 2.0 Array and analyzed at P3 or -2 to identify differential genes. Canonical pathway and biological function analyses were performedusing ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA software). Results · Spindle-like (CD45+CD106-CD29+CD44+Sca-1-) and fibroblast-like (CD45-CD106+CD29+CD44+Sca-1-) fetal liver stromal cells were isolated in this study according to the cell morphology. The 1 485 highly-expressed genes in spindle-like cells mainly involved in immune and inflammation-related signaling pathways; while the 3 374 highly-expressed genes in fibroblast-like cells mainly involved in extracellular matrix formation and cellular adhesion. Conclusion · Mofetal liver stromal cells have strong heterogeneity in biological characteristics and functions, especially in hematopoietic promoting capability.

Key words: fetal liver, stromal cell, hematopoietic stem cell (HSC), flow cytometry, microarray, ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA)

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