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梁小庆, 刘 焰, 郑波涛, 王莎莎, 孙晓东, 许 迅   

  1. 上海交通大学附属第一人民医院眼科, 上海 200080
  • 出版日期:2012-02-28 发布日期:2012-02-28
  • 通讯作者: 刘 焰, 电子信箱: liuyan0623@sina.com。
  • 作者简介:梁小庆(1984—), 女, 住院医师, 硕士;电子信箱: liangxiaoqing08@163.com。
  • 基金资助:

    上海市卫生局科研课题 (2008164);上海市眼底病重点实验室开放课题基金(07Z22911)

Correlation of conjunctival impression cytology with symptoms and signs of dry eye

LIANG Xiao-qing, LIU Yan, ZHENG Bo-tao, WANG Sha-sha, SUN Xiao-dong, XU Xun   

  1. Department of Ophthalmology, the First People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200080, China
  • Online:2012-02-28 Published:2012-02-28
  • Supported by:

    Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau Foundation, 2008164;Shanghai Key Laboratory for Ocular Fundus Diseases Foundation, 07Z22911


目的 分析丫啶橙荧光染色结膜印迹细胞学(CICAO)检查与干眼症状和体征的相关性。方法 选取152例(303眼)干眼患者和60名(120眼)正常对照者,采集干眼患者症状(干涩感、异物感、烧灼感、眼睛红、分泌物增多、眼睑沉重感、视疲劳、畏光、流泪、痒感、眼痛、视力波动),对所有受试者进行泪液分泌试验(SIt)、泪膜破裂时间(BUT)、角膜荧光素钠染色(FL)、虎红染色(RB)及CICAO检查。采用Spearman等级相关分析检验CICAO与干眼症状及SIt、BUT、FL和RB的相关性。结果 CICAO与干眼症状中的干涩感、流泪、眼痛有显著相关性(r=0.337, r=-0.278, r=0.395;均P<0.05)。CICAO与RB、SIt、BUT、FL均有显著相关性(r=0.757,r=-0.668,r=-0.549,r=0.428;均P<0.01)。结论 CICAO与干眼症状的相关性较低,与RB、SIt、BUT、FL均具有显著相关性。CICAO可为干眼的临床分级诊断和治疗提供可靠的依据。

关键词: 结膜印迹细胞学, 干眼, 相关性, 症状和体征


Objective To explore the correlation of conjunctival impression cytology with acridine orange fluorescent staining (CICAO) with symptoms and signs of dry eye. Methods One hundred and fifty-two patients with dry eye (303 eyes) and 60 normal controls (120 eyes) were selected. The complaints of symptoms from patients with dry eye were collected, including dryness, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, red eye, excretion increase, heavy feeling in eyelid, asthenopia, photophobia, tearing, gargalesthesia, soreness and vibration in visual acuity. Schirmer I test (SIt), break-up time (BUT), fluorescein staining of the cornea (FL), Rose Bengal staining (RB) and CICAO were examined in all subjects. Spearman rank correlation method was employed to analyse the correlation of CICAO with symptoms of dry eye, SIt, BUT, FL and RB. Results CICAO was significantly related to dryness, tearing and soreness of symptoms of dry eye(r=0.337, r=-0.278, r=0.395;P<0.05 for all), and CICAO was also significantly with RB, SIt, BUT and FL (r=0.757,r=-0.668,r=-0.549,r=0.428;P<0.01 for all). Conclusion CICAO has relatively poor correlation with symptoms of dry eye, while is significantly related to RB, SIt, BUT and FL. CICAO may provide reliable evidences for diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.

Key words: conjunctival impression cytology, dry eye, correlation, symptoms and signs