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    Original article (Basic research)
    Regulation of dihydromyricetin on immune function of spleen in the rats with rheumatoid arthritis
    WU Jing1, FAN Kai-Jian1, 2, WANG Ting-Yu1
    2018, 38 (12):  1401. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.001

    Abstract ( 772 )   PDF (7927KB) ( 525 )  
    Objective · To investigate the immunoregulatory effect of dihydromyricetin (DMY) on the spleens of rats with rheumatoid arthritis. Methods · Thirty Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups, i.e., normal group, model group and DMY administration groups (5, 25, and 50 mg/kg). The type Ⅱ collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis (CIA) model was established in model group and DMY administration groups. DMY administration groups were intraperitoneally injected with DMY every other day at set doses. After five weeks of administration, rats of each group were sacrificed, and the spleens were taken out to prepare tissue sections, and pathological changes were observed after hematoxylin-eosin staining. The spleen lymphocytes of model group were isolated, and the effect of DMY on the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes in inflammatory state was detectedcell-counting-kit 8. The percentages of different subsets of T lymphocytes were detectedflow cytometry. The of inflammatory factors in spleen lymphocytes was determinedPCR and ELISA. Results · Compared with model group, inflammation-related pathological changes in the spleens of DMY-administered groups were significantly relieved. DMY could inhibit the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes, reduce the percentage of CD3+CD4+ cells and slightly increase the percentage of CD3+CD8+ cells after the treatment of concanavalin (ConA) in vitro. The results of PCR and ELISA showed that DMY could inhibit the of proinflammatory cytokines and promote the of anti-inflammatory factors both in vitro and in vivo. Conclusion · DMY has immunomodulatory effects on immune-associated T lymphocytes in the spleens of CIA rats in vivo and in vitro, thereby inhibiting systemic inflammatory response.
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    Investigation of natural depression model under the attack-yield behavior of caged cynomolgus monkeys
    LI Wei1 2, WU Qing-yuan3, LIAN Bin1, YANG Xun1, ZHANG Jian-guo1, QU Chao-hua1, HE Yong1, XIE Peng1
    2018, 38 (12):  1408. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.002

    Abstract ( 663 )   PDF (7247KB) ( 522 )  
    Objective · To investigate the natural depression model of Macaca fascicularis inducedsubmissive-aggressive behaviors. Methods · In a simulated wild environment, two Macaca fascicularis groups (G1 and G2) were respectively established. The two groups consisted of 19 and 14 Macaca fascicularis respectively. The effective frequency of each groups submissive-aggressive behaviors was observed and recorded, the matrix of submissive-aggressive behaviors was analyzed, each individual of the group was calculated separatelyDavid’s score(DS), according to the level of individual DS, each group was divided into attack group and yield group; the behavior changes of each individual in 7 periods were recordedthe focus observation and the correlation analysis of 11 different behaviors was carried out. Results · After the formation of these groups, there was fierce conflict between the cynomolgus monkeys. 1 122 and 1 409 submissive-aggressive behaviors were recorded in the two groups respectively. In the submissive-aggressive behavior matrix, the differences between high and low DS in anxiety behavior (t1 -4.053, P10.005; t2 -3.041, P20.012), conflict behavior (t18.478, P10.018; t27.651, P20.002), depression behavior (t1 -3.691, P10.006; t2 -2.431, P20.045) and exercise behavior (t19.639, P10.007; t23.568; P20.002) were statistically significant. Conclusion · The natural depression model of caged Macaca fascicularis is a social defeat model inducedyield-attack behavior.
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    Inhibition of C2CD3 regulates the proliferation, invasion and migration of epithelial ovarian cancer through inhibiting Hedgehog pathway
    CAI Liu-yun, LUO Xiao-dong, LIANG Hao, HU Jian-guo
    2018, 38 (12):  1414. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.003

    Abstract ( 737 )   PDF (6850KB) ( 425 )  
    Objective · To explore the relationship between the of C2 calcium dependent domain containing protein 3 (C2CD3) in ovarian cancer and clinicopathological parameters, and its effect on the proliferation and invasion of ovarian cancer SKOV3 cells and possible mechanisms. Methods · The of C2CD3 protein in ovarian tissue was detectedimmunohistochemistry. The proliferation, migration and invasion abilities of SKOV3 cells were detectedEdU assay, wound healing assay and Transwell assay respectively. Western blotting was performed to investigate the of C2CD3, Shh, Ptch1, Smo and Gli1 proteins. Results · C2CD3 protein was located in cytoplasm in ovarian cancer. C2CD3 was highly expressed in ovarian cancer compared to normal ovarian tissue. C2CD3 immunostaining was significantly higher in tumor samples in advanced stages (stage Ⅲ / Ⅳ ) than in early stages (stage Ⅰ/ Ⅱ ). The staining intensity was significantly correlated with the grade (grade3 vs. grade1+2). The association between C2CD3 and age (or tumor type) was not significant. Inhibition of C2CD3 gene significantly weakened the proliferation, invasion and migration abilities of SKOV3 cells, and the of Shh, Ptch1, Smo and Gli1 proteins was significantly decreased. Conclusion · The of C2CD3 protein is increased in ovarian cancer tissues. Inhibition of C2CD3 gene weakens the proliferation, invasion and migration capacities of ovarian cancer SKOV3 cells, which may be related to the inhibition of Shh, Ptch1, Smo and Gli1 proteins in Hedgehog pathway.
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    Effects of liraglutide on glucose induced of miRNA-146b-3p, inflammatory factors and COX-2 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
    SU Zheng-jia, PAN Xiao-qian, CAO Jiu-mei, WU Fang
    2018, 38 (12):  1420. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.004

    Abstract ( 697 )   PDF (5753KB) ( 782 )  
    Objective · To investigate the effects of liraglutide on glucose induced of miRNA-146b-3p, tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). Methods · HUVECs were grown in the medium with glucose of high concentration (25 mmol/L) or normal concentration (7 mmol/L) for 24 h, then stimulated with liraglutide. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) was performed to detect the of miR-146b-3p, IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2. The of IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2 were detected after HUVECs were transfected with anti-miR-146b-3p. Results · The of miR-146b-3p was decreased in high glucose induced cells, while the of IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2 were increased. Silenced of miR-146b-3p increased the of IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2. Liraglutide increased the of miR-146b-3p and decreased the of IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2 in high glucose induced cells. Conclusion · Liraglutide may relieve inflammation and improve vascular endothelial function in hyperglycemia condition through regulating miR146b-3p to decrease of IL-6, TNF-α and COX-2.
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    Analysis of KRT9 gene mutation in Chinese Han population
    WANG Bing-hua1, XU Wu-hen2, TANG Xiao-jun2, LAN Xiao-ping2
    2018, 38 (12):  1425. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.005

    Abstract ( 1029 )   PDF (5285KB) ( 536 )  
    Objective · To explore the main mutation types and pathogenicity of the coding region of keratin 9 gene (KRT9) in Chinese Han population, and to provide reference information for the classification and prediction of clinical diagnosis of the disease with epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma (EPPK). Methods · 834 subjects were recruited 278 families that were not affectedEPPK in the Chinese Han population. The mutations in the coding region of KRT9 gene were detectedusing the next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based gene panel combined with Sanger sequencing. The pathogenicity analysis of variants was performedusing SIFT and Polyphen-2 prediction software. Results · A total of twelve KRT9 gene mutations were detected in the Chinese Han population based on 834 individuals 278 families. Among the twelve different mutations, six synonymous mutations and six missense mutations were identified, respectively. The assessment of pathogenicity of KRT9 gene variants was analyzedbioinformatics tools, such as SIFT and Polyphen-2 prediction, conservative analysis, and database query. Furthermore, these missense mutations were classified as benign or possibly benign variants. Conclusion · In this study, six missense mutations in the coding region of KRT9 gene exon were detected in the Chinese Han population. According to the American Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) variant classification guide, all the six variants were benign or possibly benign. However, previous reports have found that a KRT9 c.1216T>C (p.C406R) mutation was pathogenic in a pedigree with EPPK, which were inconsistent with our findings, and the pathogenicity of this mutation still has to be verifiedfurther functional experiments.
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    In vitroand in vivo study of apoptotic macrophages inducedmethylene-blue-mediated photodynamic therapy in periodontitis
    JIANG Chun-lan, CHENG Hui-juan, JIAO Ting
    2018, 38 (12):  1429. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.006

    Abstract ( 786 )   PDF (8408KB) ( 490 )  
    Objective · To investigate whether methylene blue-mediated photodynamic therapy (MB-PDT) can induce the apoptosis of macrophages in periodontitis, and simultaneously reduce the bone absorption. Methods · For in vitro treatments, cells were divided into three experimental groups: control group, no treatment; MB group, methylene blue treatment; MB-PDT group, MB and laser irradiation treatment. Then apoptosis and apoptosis related genes were detected in each group. For in vivo treatments, periodontal disease in SD rats was orthodontic ligature and periodontal pathogen induced at the first maxillary molar. After 6 weeks, the ligature was removed and all animals received scaling and root planning(SRP) and were divided according to the following treatments: SRP group, saline solution; MB group, phenothiazinium dye; and MB-PDT group, MB and laser irradiation, once a week. All animals in each treatment were killed after 3 weeks. Immunofluorescence and Micro CT analyses were used to detect the apoptotic macrophages and alveolar bone resorption in periodontal tissues of rats in each group. Results · In vitro experiments showed that the combination of 10 μmol/L MB and 40 J/cm2 light dose could kill more than 50% macrophages, and the apoptosis of macrophages inducedMB-PDT in this mode was most obvious. Meanwhile, MB-PDT increased the ratio of proapoptotic gene Bax /antiapoptotic gene Bcl-2 in macrophages. In vivo experiments showed that the macrophages infiltrated in tissues with periodontitis were apoptotic after MB-PDT treatment, while no obvious apoptosis of macrophages infiltrated in the periodontal tissues of SRP and MB rats was found. Micro CT analysis showed that the alveolar bone resorption in MB-PDT rats was less than that in SRP and MB rats (P<0.05), and there was no significant difference between SRP rats and MB rats. Conclusion · MB-PDT can induce the apoptosis of hyperproliferating macrophages in periodontitis and reduce the bone absorption. Compared with SRP, MB-PDT is an effective adjunctive treatment of periodontitis.
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    Construction of the model of intimal hyperplasia in vein graft in New Zealand rabbit
    CAO Bo-jun1, WANG Xiao-wen2, ZOU Rong-jiang3, Lü Zhi-qian1
    2018, 38 (12):  1435. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.007

    Abstract ( 779 )   PDF (7195KB) ( 437 )  
    Objective &middot; To establish New Zealand rabbit autogenous vein graft model and observe the changes of intimal hyperplasia in vein grafts at different time after grafting. Methods &middot; 35 female New Zealand rabbits of 10 weeks old were randomly divided into 5 groups (7 rats in each group), i.e. postoperative 7 d group, postoperative 14 d group, postoperative 28 d group, postoperative 60 d group and normal control group. An animal model of external jugular vein common carotid artery bypass grafting was established, and the model construction steps were elaborated and optimized. Hematoxylin-eosin (H-E) staining was used to observe the intimal thickness after surgery and immunofluorescence staining was used to observe the of &alpha;-smooth muscle actin (&alpha;-SMA), which was one of the vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) differentiation marker protein. The effect of model construction was finally evaluated. Results &middot; In addition to the normal control group, the other 28 New Zealand rabbits were successfully completed the vein graft operation. All the grafted veins kept unblocked except for one graft in postoperative 7 d group developed thrombosis, and the success rate was 96.4% (27/28). H-E staining and immunofluorescence staining showed significant intimal hyperplasia after vein grafting. Compared with the normal control group, the intimal thickness of the vein grafts was significantly increased (all P0.000) and the fluorescence intensity of &alpha;-SMA was significantly enhanced at each time group after surgery. Conclusion &middot; New Zealand rabbit vein graft intimal hyperplasia modeling has an ideal success rate and good repeatability, which provides an ideal experimental model for studying the mechanism and prevention of restenosis after vein grafting.
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    A preliminary study on the impact of Notch1 on RANKL/RANK system in osteoclast via RAW264.7 cells
    WANG Jun1*, LIANG Jing1*, HE Yi-feng2, 3
    2018, 38 (12):  1440. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.008

    Abstract ( 900 )   PDF (7555KB) ( 438 )  
    Objective &middot; To investigate the crosstalk between receptor activator of nuclear factor-&kappa;B ligand (RANKL) / receptor activator of nuclear factor&kappa;B (RANK) system and Notch signaling pathways. Methods &middot; Moosteoclast precursor cell line RAW264.7 was cultured and stimulatedRANKL (35 ng/L). Real-time PCR and Western blotting analysis were used to determine the s of Notch signaling molecules in RANKL-stimulated RAW264.7 cells. Small interfering RNA (siRNA) transfection was used to inhibit the of Notch1, Dll1 and Dll3 in Notch signaling pathways, then the mRNA and protein s of Rank were detected using real-time PCR and Western blotting analysis, respectively. Results &middot; The s of Notch1, Jagged1 and Jagged2 were down-regulated while the of Dll4 was up-regulated after RANKL stimulation. The stimulation also inhibited the of Hes1 and Hey1. After siRNA transfection, the mRNA s of Notch1, Dll1 and Dll3 were suppressed71% (P0.000), 53% (P0.015) and 70% (P0.000), respectively. The mRNA and protein s of Rank were up-regulated after Notch1 inhibition (P0.003, P0.000). Conclusion &middot; The data infers that the impact of Notch1 on RANKL/RANK system might play a key role in bone resorption conductedosteoclast.
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    Original article (Clinical research)
    Value of two-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography in accessing myocardial viability and predicting left ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction
    WANG Wei, ZHAO Hang, GE Heng, DING Song, SHEN Xue-dong, PU Jun
    2018, 38 (12):  1447. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.009

    Abstract ( 793 )   PDF (10867KB) ( 470 )  
    Objective · To evaluate the strain parameters measuredtwo-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography (2D-STE) in predicting myocardial segment functional recovery and left ventricular (LV) remodeling. Methods · Eighty-one patients with first acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction were enrolled. All patients underwent cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) within 8 days after reperfusion therapy to detect the percentage of necrotic myocardium and the presence of microvascular obstruction or intra myocardial hemorrhage. Echocardiography examination for the first time was performed on the same day as CMR. Segmental and global circumferential strain (CS), radial strain, and longitudinal strain were measured2D-STE. Echocardiography was performed again after an average follow-up of 14 months. Results · The segments with functional recovery were associated with higher absolute values of strain parameters at baseline compared to those without functional recovery. The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis showed that the sensitivity and specificity of CS ≤ -7.77% to predict the functional recovery of myocardial segment were 77.17% and 61.40%, respectively (AUC0.74, P0.000). Multiple Logistic regression showed that the percentage of necrotic myocardium and global CS (GCS) were the powerful predictors of LV remodeling (P<0.05). According to ROC curve analysis, GCS ≥ -17.48% had sensitivity of 88.33% and specificity of 69.23%(AUC0.80,P0.000) in predicting LV remodeling. Conclusion · Among the strain parameters of 2D-STE, CS may be an ideal predictor of segment functional recovery and LV remodeling after myocardial infarction.
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    Localization of internal auditory canal in the middle cranial fossa approach: a study in Chinese based on CT reconstruction technique
    GAO Zhen, YUAN Ya-sheng
    2018, 38 (12):  1454. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.010

    Abstract ( 707 )   PDF (4585KB) ( 631 )  
    Objective &middot; To study how to localize the internal auditory canal in the middle cranial fossa approach in Chinese using CT reconstruction technique. Methods &middot; Forty-four cases (88 sides) of normal temporal bone CT data were selected, including 22 males and 22 females. The anatomical structures of the middle cranial fossa including the skull base, the internal auditory canal and the superior semicircular canal were reconstructed in 3D. The angle between great superficial petrosal nerve and internal auditory canal, the angle between superior semicircular canal and internal auditory canal and the osseous thickness above internal auditory canal were measured. The angle and distance were statistically analyzed in different sex and side groups. Results &middot; On the reconstructed 3D middle cranial base, the arcuate eminence could only be identified in 43% cases. The angle between great superficial petrosal nerve and internal auditory canal was 51.46.&plusmn;9.28.; the angle between superior semicircular canal and internal auditory canal was 49.22.&plusmn;7.32.; the osseous thickness above internal auditory canal was (4.38&plusmn;0.97) mm. No gender or side difference was noticed. Conclusion &middot; There are significant individual differences in angulation and distance between the internal auditory canal and its related anatomical structures. CT reconstruction technique is helpful for accurate localization of the internal auditory canal.
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    Study on the predictors of the menopausal symptoms related quality of life in patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy
    YUAN Xiao-ling1, YOU Jing-rong1, SHEN Li-li2, LI Su-yun3, SHEN Dan-wei4, CAI Ling-zhi5, CHEN Ying-dan1, ZHU Han-jing1, YUAN Chang-rong6
    2018, 38 (12):  1457. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.011

    Abstract ( 721 )   PDF (8769KB) ( 432 )  
    Objective · To survey the menopausal symptoms related quality of life in patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy and its determinants, which provides theoretical basis on intervention. Methods · In this cross-sectional study, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 484 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in 9 hospitals nationwide recruitedconvenience sampling approach, July 2016 to December 2017. Descriptive statistics, ANOVA, Spearman correlation and multiple linear regression analyses were preformed to explore the risk factors of the menopausal symptoms related quality of life. Results · The mean score of the MenopaRating Scale (MRS) was 9.580±6.174 with 75.8% larger than 4, which indicated poor quality of life. One-Way ANOVA results showed the effect of marital status, monthly income, and the change of menstrual status on the MRS score were statistically significant. Spearman correlation results showed that the MRS score was positive correlated with anxiety and depression score and chemotherapy symptoms score, but negative correlated with social support score. Three of the nine variables, chemotherapy symptoms, anxiety, and information and emotional support, were selectedthe multiple linear stepwise regression analysis, and could explain 43.0% of total variance (P<0.01). Conclusion · Most breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have poor menopausal symptoms related quality of life. The main determinants were chemotherapy symptoms, anxiety, and information and emotional support. Informational and emotional support should be actively provided and mental health interventions should be strengthened, which could effectively improve their quality of life.
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    Influence of multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria infections on the process and prognosis of moderately severe acute pancreatitis and severe acute pancreatitis
    XU Zhi-wei1, QIN Shuai2, LI Lei2, QU Hong-ping2, MAO En-qiang3, HUANG Jie2
    2018, 38 (12):  1463. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.012

    Abstract ( 771 )   PDF (6510KB) ( 545 )  
    Objective &middot; To analyze the bacterial origin and characteristics, and their influence on the process and prognosis in moderately severe acute pancreatitis (MSAP) and severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) patients with pancreatic/peri-pancreatic infections due to multiple drug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative bacteria (GNB). Methods &middot; Patients of pancreatitis hospitalized in the Departments of Emergency, Pancreatic Surgery and Critical Care Medicine were enrolled in this study. The patients with pancreatic/peri-pancreatic GNB infections were screened and divided into MDR-GNB group and non-MDRGNB group. The basic clinical features, the source of resistant bacteria, the progress of the disease and the prognosis were analyzed and compared within two groups. Results &middot; 92(46.70%) out of 197 MSAP and SAP patients were confirmed as GNB infected, 61 cases (66.30%) with MDR strains and 31 cases (33.70%) with non-MDR strains. 117 GNB were isolated. The main MDR strains were Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP) (39/69) and Acinetobacter Baumannii (AB) (22/69). The incidence of percutaneous catheter drainage (PCD) associated MDR bacterial infections in MDR-GNB group was significantly higher than that of non-MDR-GNB group (36.07% vs 12.90%, P0.020). The MDR-GNB infections could lead to prolonged mechanical ventilation[ (17.65&plusmn;11.74) d vs (9.67&plusmn;9.34) d, P0.001], increased of carbapenems and special antibiotics (P0.000), earlier intervention of first laparotomy [(21.92&plusmn;11.45) d vs (29.36&plusmn;21.48) d, P0.032], increased incidence of multiple operations (45.90% vs 22.58%, P0.029), prolonged total hospitalization [(54.44&plusmn;42.38) d vs (32.51&plusmn;27.62) d, P0.011] and higher mortality (34.43% vs 12.90%, P0.028). The incidence of MDR-KP infections in death patients was significantly higher than that in the surviving patients (85.71% vs 52.50%, P0.000), while the other MDR bacteria did not present statistical difference in the two groups. Conclusion &middot; MDRKP and MDR-AB are the main resistant GNB in MSAP and SAP patients with pancreatic/peri-pancreatic infections. The PCD associated infection is the main source of nosocomial MDR bacterial infections. Infections due to MDR-GNB could lead to prolonged therapy course, increased of antibiotics, augmented operation, and poor outcome. The infection of MDR-KP is directly related to poor outcome.
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    Value of anti-phosphatidylserine/prothrombin antibody in diagnosis of seronegative antiphospholipid syndrome
    GONG Hui-yun1, GONG Wen2, LIU Ting-ting3, NI Qi1, PENG Yi-bing1
    2018, 38 (12):  1467. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.013

    Abstract ( 1289 )   PDF (7104KB) ( 616 )  
    Objective &middot; To investigate diagnostic value of anti-phosphatidylserine/prothrombin antibody (aPS/PT), IgA anti-cardiolipin antibody (aCL), and IgA anti-&beta;2-glycoprotein Ⅰ antibody (a&beta;2-GPI) in seronegative antiphospholipid (SNAPS). Methods &middot; Serum samples were collected 86 patients with antiphospholipid (APS) (APS group), 48 patients with SNAPS (SNAPS group), 79 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) (SLE group), and 85 healthy donors (healthy control group, HC group) for aPS/PT (IgG and IgM), aCL (IgA) and a&beta;2-GPI (IgA) detectedELISA. The sensitivity and specificity of the four antibodies for the diagnosis of SNAPS were calculated, and the ROC curves were analyzed. The correlation between the four antibodies and the clinical manifestations of SNAPS was also analyzed. Results &middot; A total of 25 (52.1%) SNAPS patients were positive in aPS/PT (IgG/ IgM), including 29.2% patients positive in aPS/PT (IgG) and 35.4% positive in aPS/PT (IgM). There were 16.7% SNAPS patients positive in a&beta;2-GPI (IgA), but none was aCL (IgA) positive. The positive rates of aPS/PT (IgG and IgM) and a&beta;2-GPI (IgA) were statistically higher in SNAPS group than those in HC group (P0.000). The area under curve (AUC) of aPS/PT (IgG) (AUC0.753) for SNAPS diagnosis was the biggest among the four antibodies, and the second was a&beta;2-GPI (IgA) (AUC0.725). A positive correlation was found in SNAPS group between presence of venous thrombosis and aPS/PT (IgG) (OR5.54, 95% CI 1.67-17.33, P0.003) or a&beta;2-GPI (IgA) (OR3.43, 95% CI 0.86-11.53, P0.041), and also found between pregnancy loss and aPS/PT (IgM) (OR5.11, 95% CI 1.31-21.29, P0.004). Conclusion &middot; aPS/PT (IgG/IgM) and a&beta;2-GPI (IgA) can be used as potential complementary indicators for laboratory diagnosis of SNAPS, and aPS/PT (IgG/IgM) is also valuable for clinical evaluation of the risk of thrombosis and pregnancy loss in SNAPS patients.
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    Original article (Public health)
    Time series comparative analysis of the health resources and service development of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Shanghai 2009 to 2016
    MA Mu1, 2, MA Si-ting1, 2, DONG Min-ye1, 2, LI Guo-hong1, 2
    2018, 38 (12):  1473. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.014

    Abstract ( 668 )   PDF (7716KB) ( 440 )  
    Objective &middot; To discuss the health resources and service development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals in Shanghai 2009 to 2016. Methods &middot; Analysis of the health resources and service development of TCM hospitals in Shanghai 2009 to 2016 were conductedcalculating composition ratios and growth rates according to the data the statistical yearbooks. Results &middot; All the indexes of the health resources and services of TCM hospitals in Shanghai, 2009-2016, increased every year, and the numbers of beds, medical technical personnel, licensed (assistant) doctors, registered nurses, outpatients and inpatients increased71.72%, 53.80%, 46.83%, 76.84%, 78.20%, and 120.30%, respectively. The proportions of TCM hospitals beds and health technicians in all the citys hospitals increased1.70% and 1.18% on the basis of 7.06% and 9.58%, respectively. The year-on-year growth rates of beds ranged 1.86% to 22.52%, and rates of health technicians ranged 0.17% to 15.46%. Daily visits each doctor and daily bed days each doctor in TCM hospitals increasedan average of 2.90% and 0.07% a year, respectively. Conclusion &middot; There was a significant increase in health resources and service development of the TCM hospitals in Shanghai 2009 to 2016, and the work efficiency were improved. And there was a little increase in the proportion of the relevant indexes in all the citys hospitals. However, some problems do exist, such as the weak integral strength and the unsgrowth of TCM hospitals.
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    Relationship between gestational weight gain and pregnancy outcomes in Songjiang District, Shanghai
    CHEN Wei1*, CAI Chen2*, ZHANG Yan1, DING Guo-dong2, TIAN Ying1, GAO Yun1
    2018, 38 (12):  1479. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.015

    Abstract ( 748 )   PDF (6340KB) ( 633 )  
    Objective &middot; To understand the status of gestational weight gain (GWG) during pregnancy among women in Songjiang District, Shanghai, and to explore the relationship between GWG and birth outcomes. Methods &middot; 4 884 cases were collected in Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Songjiang District, Shanghai July to December 2016. According to the range of GWG formulatedthe Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2009, the subjects were divided into the insufficient GWG group, the normal GWG group, and the excessive GWG group. The relationship between GWG and the birth outcome of the newborn, mainly including the neonatal weight, the birth gestational week, the neonatal score, and the bad birth outcome such as premature delivery, small-for-gestational age (SGA), large-for-gestational age (LGA), and macrosomia were analyzed. Results &middot; 25.7% of pregnant women gained underweight during pregnancy. 33.3% of pregnant women gained overweight during pregnancy. The GWG was positively correlated with birth weight (&beta;24.17, 95% CI 21.90-26.45, P0.000). GWG was a protective factor for SGA (OR0.89, 95% CI 0.87-0.91, P0.000). GWG was a risk factor for LGA (OR1.12, 95% CI 1.09-1.14, P0.000) and macrosomia (OR1.14, 95% CI 1.11-1.16, P0.000). The GWG was positively associated with gestational age (&beta;0.03, 95% CI 0.03-0.04, P0.000). The incidence of the premature delivery decreased with the increasing of GWG (OR0.91, 95% CI 0.88-0.95, P0.000). Women with insufficient GWG exhibited increased risks of SGA infants (OR1.54, 95% CI 1.22-1.94, P0.000) and premature delivery (OR1.53, 95% CI 1.03-2.26, P0.034), whereas women with excessive GWG exhibited increased risk of LGA (OR2.20, 95% CI 1.71-2.84, P0.000) and macrosomia (OR2.41, 95% CI 1.86-3.11, P0.000), when compared with women who had normal GWG. Conclusion &middot; It is of great significance to maintain proper GWG and to improve the outcome of birth. Attention should be paid to the management of weight during pregnancy.
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    Advances in function and ligands of transient receptor potential melastain 2 channels
    LIU Han-wei, YU Dong-zhen, YIN Shan-kai
    2018, 38 (12):  1484. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.016

    Abstract ( 780 )   PDF (7358KB) ( 443 )  
    As nonselective cation channels, transient receptor potential melastain 2 (TRPM2) channels are widely distributed in the brain, mainly mediate the inflow of Na+ and Ca2+, leading to cell depolarization and the increasement of intracellular concentration of Ca2+, which are involved in many physiological and pathophysiological processes. Due to increased calcium concentration or oxidative stress, channel gating is inducedeither direct or indirect formation of adenosine diphosphate ribose (ADPR) that binds to a NUDT9 homology domain (NUDT9-H) in the channel. There is no specific TRPM2 antagonist so far. Considering some pathological processes are mediatedTRPM2 channels, the study and discovery of specific TRPM2 blockers might contribute to the effective treatment of many related diseases.
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    Progress on application of echocardiography in cardiac assessment for hypertensive children
    WU Yu-jian, SUN Kun
    2018, 38 (12):  1489. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.017

    Abstract ( 810 )   PDF (8200KB) ( 23228 )  
    The detection rate of childhood hypertension is on the rise all over the world and the damage of hypertension to heart has been paid enormous attention for its direct influence on prognosis. Echocardiography is routinely used to evaluate cardiac structure and function. On the basis of the traditional techniques, some new ultrasound imaging techniques have continuously applied in clinic in recent years and shown their respective advantages and values. This article reviewed the application and progress of echocardiography in cardiac assessment for hypertensive children.
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    Brief original article
    Reliability and validity of Chinese version of Working Alliance Inventory-Short Form Revised in the inpatients with schizophrenia
    CHEN Ru-meng, CHEN Jian-hua, XU Yi-feng
    2018, 38 (12):  1494. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.018

    Abstract ( 996 )   PDF (6724KB) ( 43588 )  
    Objective · To investigate the reliability and validity of Chinese version of Working Alliance Inventory-Short Form Revised (WAI-SR) in the hospitalized schizophrenics. Methods · A sample of 124 inpatient schizophrenics who were diagnosed according to International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision in Shanghai Mental Health Center and collectedconvenience sampling, were interviewedquestionnaire. Item analysis, internal consistency, construct validity and criterion validity were tested using total sample. Patient-Doctor Relationship Questionnaire-15 (PDRQ-15) and Chinese version of Wake Forest Physician Trust Scale (WFPTS) were used as criteria to test criterion validity. Results · Exploratory factor analysis extracted two dimensions labeled “goal and task” and “affective bond”, and the cumulative variance contribution rate was 63.99%. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the two-factor model had higher adjusted goodness of fit index. The scores of scale and its two dimensions exhibited positive correlations with PDRQ-15 and WFPTS (r0.324-0.726, P<0.01). The internal consistency of the scale (Cronbachs α coefficient) was 0.864, and split-half reliability was 0.919. Conclusion · The Chinese version of WAI-SR is accepin reliability and validity and can be recommended for alliance assessment in the inpatients with schizophrenia.
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    Case report
    Clinical and pathological analysis of one case of multiple malignant glomus tumor
    XU Kai-yu1*, WEI Yu-xia2*, WANG Da-ye3, SUN Ping-ping3, ZHOU Quan3, DING Lei1
    2018, 38 (12):  1499. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.019

    Abstract ( 828 )   PDF (6245KB) ( 498 )  
    Malignant glomus tumor (MGT) is a kind of malignant stromal tumor derived perivascular glomus. Clinically, glomus tumors are mostly benign, malignant and multiple ones are rarely reported. This study reviewed one case of multiple MGT. The lesions were discovered successively in a 75-year-old woman&prime;s breast, ileum, brain and colon. According to the result of histomorphology and immunohistochemistry, the lesions in the four organs were diagnosed as MGT. Suffered MGT in successive sites, the patient is still alive to date after all of tumors were resected.
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    Translational medicine
    Research hotspots of precision medicine
    LIU Jie, WU Hui, QIU Xiao-chun
    2018, 38 (12):  1504. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.12.020

    Abstract ( 851 )   PDF (6033KB) ( 615 )  
    Objective &middot; To give a retrospective bibliometric analysis of documents about precision medicine and to reveal the characteristics and hotspots of global research output. Methods &middot; Articles about the research of precision medicine between 2013 and 2017 were retrieved in PubMed and bibliometric methods were used to evaluate global scientific output and to identify the most active factors, such as countries, journals, highly cited papers, etc. Coword analysis was also used to show the research hotspots and trends. Results &middot; A total of 23 284 publications on the research of precision medicine 2013 to 2017 were retrieved in this study. &ldquo;Molecular targeted therapy&rdquo; and &ldquo;antineoplastic agents&rdquo; were the most frequently used co-words in precision medicine. Conclusion &middot; Molecular targeted therapy for cancer treatment is the hotspot in the precision medicine research, in which the study of antineoplastic agents is the main topic.
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