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丁奕星, 齐 隽   

  1. 上海交通大学 医学院附属新华医院泌尿外科, 上海 200092
  • 出版日期:2011-06-28 发布日期:2011-06-27
  • 作者简介:丁奕星(1986—), 女, 硕士生;电子信箱: miranda_ding@hotmail.com。

Research progress and clinical implication prospect of TMPRSS2-ETS fusion gene in prostate cancer

DING Yi-xing, QI Juan   

  1. Department of Urology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200092, China
  • Online:2011-06-28 Published:2011-06-27



关键词: 前列腺癌, TMPRSS2, ETS, ERG, ETV1, ETV4, 融合基因


There is a high incidence of prostate cancer in western countries, and there has been an increasing incidence in China. Early detection of prostate cancer is the key to management and prognosis. There exist limitations in non-invasive diagnostic approaches for prostate cancer. TMPRSS2-ETS fusion gene is a novel biomarker proved to have correlation with prostate cancer, and TMPRSS2-ERG fusion is the most common subtype of ETS fusions. Urinary detection of TMPRSS2-ETS fusion gene has a definite value in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, with higher specificity and positive predictive value. The research progress and clinical implication prospect of TMPRSS2-ETS gene fusion in prostate cancer are reviewed in this paper.

Key words: prostate cancer, TMPRSS2, ETS, ERG, ETV1, ETV4, fusion gene