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    Research on the path of improving the level of medical science for achieving top disciplines construction schemes
    PENG Shu-tao1, SHI Jin-huan1, 2
    2018, 38 (8):  851. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.001

    Abstract ( 824 )   PDF (8469KB) ( 490 )  
    China University Subject Ranking (CUSR) and Essential Science Indicators (ESI) are important reference indicators for China medical discipline level. The main problems affected the development of medical discipline are the medical education mode failed to fit uniqueness of medical education, the limitations of the design of medical talent training, the low efficiency of medical clinical research ability and so on. Taking the construction of “top level” as the goal oriented and improving the medical discipline level, we need to grasp the following key links: to establish the medical education mode with respect to the special pattern of medical education, to build the medical talents highland with innovation course and incentive system, and to promote the developmentefficiencyof medicaldisciplinebased onthestandard management system and so on.
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    Original article (Basic research)
    Analysis of the correlation between 11β-HSDs in the ovarian granulosa cells and cortisol metabolism in the ovary of PCOS
    LI Xiao-xue, ZHU Qin-ling, WANG Yuan, LI Jia-xing, LI Xin-yu, SUN Yun
    2018, 38 (8):  857. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.002

    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (10068KB) ( 690 )  
    Objective · To explore the relationship of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (11β-HSDs) in the ovarian granulosa cells and cortisol regeneration in the ovary of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Methods · In accordance with the revised Rotterdam inclusion/exclusion criteria (2003), 24 patients in the PCOS group were included, meanwhile 21 patients in the control group were included. Follicular fluid and luteinized granulosa cells were collected patients underwent in vitro fertilization(IVF)or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in theCenterforReproductive Medicine of Renji Hospital. Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used to detect the cortisol concentration and the cortisone levels of follicular fluid. Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) was used to measure 11β-HSDs abundance in the luteinized granulosa cells. The of 11β-HSD1 and 11β-HSD2 in the luteinized granulosa cells were verifiedimmunofluorescence. The correlation of local cortisol level in the ovary with 11β-HSDs in the luteinized granulosa cells was further analyzed. Results · Compared with the control group, the cortisol level in the follicular fluid was elevated in the PCOS group [(477.3±35.3) nmol/L vs (292.0±36.4)nmol/L, P0.014], while no change was observed in the cortisone levels in two groups. Both 11β-HSD1 and 11β-HSD2 were detected in the luteinized granulosa cells. Compared with the control group, the 11β-HSD1 mRNA abundance (P0.033) and reductase activity (P0.006) were increased significantly in the PCOS group, and there was no significant difference in the 11β-HSD2 and oxidase activity between two groups. Consistently, Pearson correlation analysis showed that the 11β-HSD1 but not 11β-HSD2 mRNA levels in the luteinized granulosa cells was correlated with the cortisol level in the follicular fluid (r20.347 6, P0.001). Conclusion · Elevation of local cortisol in the ovary of PCOS patients may be relatedtotheincreased of 11β-HSD1and reductase activity in the ovariangranulosa cells.
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    Establishment and genomic characterization of a novel retinoblastoma cell line without RB1 mutation derived a Han Chinese donor
    YUAN Xiao-ling1, 2, HE Xiao-yu1, 2, LI Yong-yun1, 2, CHAI Pei-wei1, 2, WANG Hui-xue1, 2, JIA Ruo-bing1, 2, XU Yang-fan1, 2, SHANG Qing-feng1, 2, ZHAO Hong-bo1, 2, JIA Ren-bing1, 2
    2018, 38 (8):  865. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.003

    Abstract ( 761 )   PDF (10560KB) ( 505 )  
    Objective · To develop and characterize a novel retinoblastoma cell line a Han Chinese patient. Methods · Cells were dispersed tumor tissue harvested an enucleated eyeball harbouring retinoblastoma under sterile conditions. The dissociated cells were cultured, purified and passaged in vitro. Morphologic and genetic analysis and detection of surface biomarkers were performed on the cell line and primary tumorimmunofluorescence, immunohistochemical staining, DNAshort tandemrepeat (STR) analysis, karyotype analysis, and exome sequencing. Results · This human retinoblastoma cell line was designated as SNPH-Rb-C24. It expressed neural cell adhesion molecule 1 and synaptophysin, which confirmed its neuronal derivation. DNA STR analysis showed an identical match between SNPH-Rb-C24 and primary tumor. Karyotype analysis showed complex chromosomal abnormalities in SNPH-Rb-C24, while no alteration in 13q was observed. Comparative exome sequencing identified common mutated genes and RB1+/+ in both SNPH-Rb-C24 and primary tumor. Orthotopic xenograft tumors derived early passage cells were established. Conclusion · A human retinoblastoma cell line (SNPH-Rb-C24) derived a Han Chinese patient with RB1+/+ retinoblastoma is developed, which retains critical biological and genomic features of the donor tumor.
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    Effects of maternal vitamin D deficiency before and during pregnancy on intestinal flora and cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide in offspring rats
    WANG Lei1, JIAO Xian-ting1, WEI Zhen-zhen1, LIU Bin3, LIU Xiao-yan3, YU Xiao-dan1, 2
    2018, 38 (8):  874. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.004

    Abstract ( 630 )   PDF (8703KB) ( 435 )  
    Objective · To explore the effects of maternal vitamin D deficiency before and during pregnancy on the intestinal flora and cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide (CAMP) in offspring rats. Methods · Twenty-four female Sprague-Dawley rats (8-week-old) were randomly assigned to three groups (n8 per group), i.e. control group (C group), vitamin D deficiency group (VDD group), and vitamin D supplement group (VDS group). Special diets were used to build the rat models of vitamin D deficiency before and during pregnancy. Maternal 25(OH)D level was detectedliquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) at gestational day 14.At the age of 4 weeks in offsprings, the level of 25(OH)D was measured; the faeces were collected for the detection of intestinal flora; the mRNA and protein of CAMP were evaluatedreal-time quantitative RTPCR and Western blotting, respectively. Results · The rat models of vitamin D deficiency before and during pregnancy were successfully established.The relative abundance of intestinal Lactobacillus in theoffspring rats in C group,VDD group andVDS group was 0.050±0.016,0.028±0.013 and0.033±0.021, respectively. Compared with C group, the relative abundance of intestinal Lactobacillus in VDD group significantly decreased (P<0.05),and the mRNA and protein of colonic CAMPsignificantly decreased as well (P<0.05). Compared with VDD group, VDS group showed a trend of increase in the abundance of intestinal Lactobacillus;themRNA ofcolonic CAMPdidn’tchange significantly, but the proteinof colonic CAMP significantly increased (P<0.05). Conclusion · Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy results in decreased abundance of intestinal Lactobacilli as well as reduced mRNAand protein of colonic CAMPin offspring rats. Vitamin D supplementation significantly improves the protein of colonic CAMP and induces a trend of increase in the abundance of intestinal Lactobacilli in offspring rats.
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    Small peptide KR-12-a5 promotes the osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
    LI Hui*, ZHANG Shu-tao*, YUE Bing
    2018, 38 (8):  881. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.005

    Abstract ( 815 )   PDF (9041KB) ( 552 )  
    Objective &middot; To investigate the effect of KR-12 analog, KR-12-a5, on osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (HBMSCs). Methods &middot; Osteogenic differentiation-related experiments were performed using HBMSCs. KR-12-a5 was used as additional stimulation under osteogenesis inducing environment.alkaline phosphatase (ALP) staining assay, ALP quantitative assay, alizarin red staining and elution quantitative analysis, and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR), the effect of KR-12-a5 on osteogenic differentiation of HBMSCs was verified. Results &middot; As the concentration of KR-12-a5 increased, the staining intensity of ALP and alizarin red also increased. The strongest staining effect was exhibited at the highest concentration (50 &mu;g/mL) of KR-12-a5. Quantitative tests showed similar results. After 3 days of stimulation with KR-12-a5, the mRNA level of RUNX2 increased in a dose-dependent manner. On the 7th day, the levels of ALP, COL1A1, BSP and BMP2 in the KR-12-a5-treated group showed significant changes. On the 14th day, OSX, OCN and OPN levels increased significantly. Conclusion &middot; KR-12-a5 promoted the osteogenic differentiation of HBMSCs in a dose-dependent manner.
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    Effect of Toll-like receptor nano-inhibitor P12 on pulmonary inflammation in acute lung injury mice
    GAO Wei, SUN Li-ya, WANG Lu, WANG Kun, LI Qiang, YANG Hong
    2018, 38 (8):  888. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.006

    Abstract ( 1044 )   PDF (7619KB) ( 398 )  
    Objective &middot; To investigate the effect of the Toll-like receptor (TLR) nano-inhibitor P12 on THP-1 derived macrophages and acute lung injury (ALI) momodel inducedlipopolysaccharides (LPS). Methods &middot; In in vitro experiments, THP-1 cells were differentiated into macrophage-like cells and then treated with LPS in the absence and presence of P12.After 24 h incubation, medium was collected to quantify the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Six-to eight-week-old C57BL/6 mice were randomly divided into three groups, i.e. PBS control, LPS challenge and P12 pretreatment plus LPS. The bronchial alveolar lavage fluid (BALF) and lung tissue of each mowere collected, and the acute inflammatory response within lung was evaluatedtotal cell counts, differential cell counts and ELISA. Pathological injury scores in ALI mice were assessed with hematoxylin and eosin (H-E) staining of lung tissue sections under microscope. Results &middot; In THP-1 derived macrophages, P12 significantly inhibited LPS-induced inflammatory cytokine production. In the LPS-induced ALI momodel, P12 significantly attenuated the acute inflammatory response and alveolar damage in lung, including reducing the number of total cells and neutrophils in BALF, decreasing the of chemokine production (KC and CCL-2), and lowering lung injury scores. Conclusion &middot; P12 exhibits potent anti-inflammatory activity in THP-1 derived macrophages and in the LPS-induced ALI momodel, providing new concepts for the early treatment of ALI.
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    Detection of hypothalamic infarction in intraluminal middle cerebral artery occlusion model ratDWI scanning
    WU Yi-lan, LI Ge-fei, SHI Yan-hui, HE Xin-wei, ZHAO Ying, ZHAO Rong, LIU Jian-ren
    2018, 38 (8):  894. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.007

    Abstract ( 773 )   PDF (7629KB) ( 482 )  
    Objective &middot; To detect and evaluate the hypothalamic infarction in middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) model rat. Methods &middot; For 15 Sprague-Dawley rats weighed 200&ndash;250 g, aged 6&ndash;8 months, their right middle cerebral artery was occluded for 90 mina silicon-coated 4&ndash;0 nylon filament and reperfused. Sprague-Dawley rats underwent diffusion weighted MR imaging (DWI) scanning (at 1 h and 24 h after reperfusion) and 2, 3, 5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TTC) staining (at 24 h after reperfusion) to determine the hypothalamic and cerebral infarct volume. The relationship between hypothalamic infarct volume and cerebral infarction volume was analyzedDWI scanning. The results of TTC staining were compared with those of 24 h DWI scanning. Results &middot; Fifteen Sprague-Dawley rats successfully received intraluminal MCAO/reperfusion procedures. The incidences of hypothalamic infarction on brain DWI scanning and TTC staining were 100% and 40% at 24 h after reperfusion, respectively. Therefore, DWI scanning was more sensitive than TTC staining to detect hypothalamic injury (P0.001). The hypothalamic infarct volume on DWI scanning was (8.59&plusmn;2.89) mm3 and (11.65&plusmn;3.19) mm3 at 1 h and 24 h after reperfusion, respectively. On DWI scanning, hypothalamic and cerebral infarct volume at 24 h after reperfusion were correlated with each other significantly (r0.573, P0.025), so were the increases of hypothalamic and cerebral infarct volume (r0.554, P0.032) 1 h to 24 h. Conclusion &middot; DWI scanning was more sensitive thanTTC staining todetect hypothalamic injury in intraluminal transient MCAO model. Hypothalamic and cerebral infarct volume were correlated with each other.
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    Fabrication of dual-functional organic/inorganic osteogenetic hydrogel for bone regeneration
    CHENG Ruo-yu, YAN Yu-fei, CHEN Hao, QI Jin, DENG Lian-fu, CUI Wen-guo
    2018, 38 (8):  900. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.008

    Abstract ( 890 )   PDF (14281KB) ( 522 )  
    Objective · To construct the dual-functional organic/inorganic composite hydrogel with osteoinductivitycombined organic medicinal therapy with inorganic nanoparticle treatment into make hydrogel more functional in clinical application and more efficient for bone regeneration research. Methods · Liposomes simultaneously loaded with organic drug vitamin D3 and inorganic calcium phosphate nanoparticles were prepared, and dynamic light scattering (DLS), transmission electron microscopy(TEM), scanning electronmicroscopy (SEM), hightperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC) were utilized to explore the particle size, zeta potential, morphology and release property of these composite nanocarriers. Further, composite hydrogels (VD3&CaP-Lip@Gel) with the ability of osteoinductivity were fabricatedincorporating these composite nanocarriers with gelatinmethacrylic (GelMA) hydrogel, and the morphology, drug release property, mineralization, cytocompatibility, cell adhesion and osteogenic differentiation of these compound hydrogels were investigatedSEM, HPLC, CCK-8 kit, live&dead staining, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity assay,ALPstaining, alizarin red S staining and alizarin red S quantitative analysis. Results · The VD3&CaP-Lip@Gel was successfully constructed. According to the results of drug release, the hydrogel could continuously release vitamin D3 for 17 days in situ. The results of morphology exhibited that these hydrogels possessed excellent morphological characteristics and could promote mineralization in simulated body fluid (SBF) solution. Comparing with the negative control group, positive control group and GelMA group, the composite hydrogel revealed remarkable capability in cytocompatibility and osteogenic differentiation in vitro experiments. Conclusion · The dual-functional organic/inorganic osteogenetic hydrogel has been successfully constructed with the ability in long-term release of drug and inorganic nanoparticles in situ, which is able to promote bone regeneration in vitro.
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    Original article (Clinical research)
    Role of common clinical indicators in volume assessments of peritoneal dialysis patients
    SU Xin-yu*, LIU Miao*, YU Zan-zhe, YAN Hao, LI Zhen-yuan, ZHANG He, YUAN Jiang-zi, NI Zhao-hui, FANG Wei
    2018, 38 (8):  910. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.009

    Abstract ( 893 )   PDF (9222KB) ( 546 )  
    Objective · To investigate the role of common clinical indicators in volume assessments of peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. Methods · Eligible PD patients in Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Nov. 2016 to Nov. 2017 were enrolled. Demographic data of patients were collected and clinical parameters were measured. Hydration status index overhydration (OH) was measuredbioimpedance spectroscopy, and the association between clinical indicators and OH was analyzed. Results · A total of 200 PD patients aged 56.3±13.8 years with median PD duration of 46.6 months were enrolled in the study. Among them, 117 (58.5%) patients were males and 42 (21.0%) patients were diabetic. 141 (70.5%) patients in the present study were overhydrated (OH>1.1 L). Compared to those with normal hydration, the overhydrated patients had higher blood pressure, more obvious edema and higher brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) level (P<0.05). In the overhydrated patients, 51 (36.2%) patients had normal blood pressure, 67 (47.5%) patients had no edema and 46 (32.6%) patients had BNP less than 100 pg/mL. In the normal hydrated patients, 20 (33.9%) patients had high blood pressure, 8 (13.6%) patients had edema and 1 (1.7%) patient had BNP higher than 400 pg/mL. Systolic pressure and BNPlevel were both correlated with OH positively (systolic pressure r0.361, P0.001; BNP r0.615, P0.000).The patients who had more obviousedema also had higher OH(P0.000). Conclusion · Blood pressure, edema and BNP are closely associated with the hydration status, but only one of these clinical indicators can not accurately reflect the hydration status in all PD patients. Combination of different indicatorsmay be useful in evaluation of hydration status in PD patients.
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    Characteristic of brain microbleeds in Alzheimers disease
    WU Yi-na1, 2, ZHUANG Hui-xiang3, LI Fan3, LIU Yuan-yuan1, 2, YAN Feng1, 2, SHI Yan-chen1, 2, WANG Jing-hua1, 2, ZHANG Jian-ye1, LIU Man-hua3, WANG Jinhong1, XIAO Shi-fu1, 2, WANG Tao1, 2
    2018, 38 (8):  917. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.010

    Abstract ( 957 )   PDF (8954KB) ( 515 )  
    Objective &middot; Toevaluatethedifferencesof brain microbleedsamongAlzheimer&prime;s disease(AD),amnesia mild cognitiveimpairment (aMCI)and normal control (NC). Methods &middot; Eighteen AD patients, 28 aMCI patients and 30 age-matched NC were recruited in the study. The location and number of microbleeds was recorded in the brain according to the susceptibility-weighted images. The bilateral frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, and thalamus were manually mapped on 3D-MR imaging. The number of cases with microbleeds and the number of microbleeds in each lobe were calculated and compared among three groups using the chi-square test and ANOVA. Results &middot; Significant differences on case number with microbleeds were found betweenAD group and NC group in the frontal lobe (P0.005), the temporal lobe (P0.005) and whole brain (P0.004), and between aMCI group and NC group in the frontal lobe (P0.048). It also showed significant differences among three groups in the frontal lobe (P0.006), the temporal lobe (P0.006) and whole brain (P0.016). For the microbleeds counts, significant differences were found betweenAD group and NC group in the frontal lobe (P0.004) and the temporal lobe (P0.049), and between AD group and NC group in the frontal lobe (P0.044). It also had significant differences among three groups in the frontal lobe (P0.016), the temporal lobe (P0.038) and whole brain (P0.048). Conclusion &middot; The AD group has more significantmicrobleeds in frontal and parietal lobes incomparison toNC group.The quantization of cerebral microbleedsmay be apotential biomarker for AD diagnosis.
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    Safety of DCVAC/LuCa combined with chemotherapy for treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer
    CAO Shu-hui, ZHOU yan, LI Jing-wen, ZHONG Hua
    2018, 38 (8):  923. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.011

    Abstract ( 848 )   PDF (7754KB) ( 525 )  
    Objective &middot; To evaluate the safety of DCVAC/LuCa combined with pemetrexed/carboplatin in patients with stage Ⅳ non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Methods &middot; A total of 20 newly diagnosed stage Ⅳ , non-squamous, wild-type epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) negative or unknown NSCLC patients were randomized into test group (n10) and control group (n10). Test group received pemetrexed/ carboplatin chemotherapy (4-6 cycles), combined with DCVAC/LuCa treatment in the third cycle, followedpemetrexed monotherapy in combination with DCVAC/LuCa; control group received pemetrexed/carboplatin chemotherapy (4-6 cycles), followedpemetrexed alone. The efficiency of the patientsintwogroups wasevaluated andadverseeffects (AEs)werecollected andanalyzed. Results &middot; Therewas a significantpositivecorrelation between DCVAC/LuCa transfusion dose and progression-free survival (PFS) (r0.773, P0.009). The common AEs in both groups were chemotherapy related leukopenia, hemoglobin decrease etc.AllAEs were grade 1 or 2 according to common terminology criteria for adverse events (CTCAE) V4.03, and there were no grade 4 toxicities or treatment-related deaths. One patient in test group got non-infectious fever and body ache, and returned to normal without treatment. Conclusion &middot; In patients with stage Ⅳ NSCLC, DCVAC/LuCa therapy is well tolerated with the favorable safety.
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    Influence of keratinized mucosa on peri-implant soft tissue health among patients with chronic periodontitis susceptibility
    QIAN Jie-lei, SHU Rong, WANG Yi-wei, XIE Yu-feng
    2018, 38 (8):  929. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.012

    Abstract ( 688 )   PDF (7031KB) ( 491 )  
    Objective &middot; To observe the influence of keratinized mucosa on peri-implant soft tissue health and stability after implant treatment among patients with chronic periodontitis. Methods &middot; Fifty-eight patients with chronic periodontitis (158 implants) who received implant treatment were enrolled Aug. 2010 to Nov. 2013. The soft tissue conditions were observed, the peri-implant disease rate and mucosa recession rate were compared between patients in different keratinized mucosa groups. Results &middot; The differences of rates of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implatitis between the narrow keratinized mucosa (NKM) group and wide keratinized mucosa (WKM) group were not statistically significant (P0.862, P0.625). The effects of the width of the keratinized mucosa on modified plaque index and modified bleeding index were not significant (P0.826, P0.913). When the width of the keratinized mucosa &ge; 2 mm, the recession of mucosa is not evident. The recession incidence of the thick and wide mucosa was 12.86%, which was significantly lower than that of the thin and wide mucosa (33.33%) and that of thick and narrow mucosa (40.63%) (P0.049, P0.002). Conclusion &middot; Keratinized mucosa has a positive effect on peri-implant tissue stability among patients with chronic periodontitis susceptibility. The keratinized mucosa withsufficient width can prevent the mucosa recession.
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    Resistance ability analysis of improved anchor screw
    ZHOU Zhi-hang1*, MAO Yi1*, CHEN Xu-zhuo1*, ZHANG Shan-yong1, SUN Shou-fu2, ZHEN Jin-ze1
    2018, 38 (8):  934. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.013

    Abstract ( 888 )   PDF (7177KB) ( 497 )  
    Objective &middot; To estimate resistance ability of improved anchor screw. Methods &middot; The experiment consisted of two sections: tensile test and finite element analysis (FEA). In the first part, the traditional anchor screw and the improved anchor screw were implanted into the condylar cortical bone, respectively, tensile force was testedtension machine. In the second part, the three-dimensional finite element model of mandibular condyle was established after the improved anchor screw was implanted, and the FEA was performedthe force applied three different directions. Results &middot; The FEA results revealed the minimum force of the traditional and improved anchor screws were 48.2 N and 200.0 N, respectively. The tensile strengths of the traditional and improved anchor screws with a 3-0 suture were significantly different (P0.033). The difference between the traditional anchor screw (3-0 suture) and the improved anchor screw (2-0 suture) were significantly different (P0.000). Conclusion &middot; Compared with traditional screw, improved anchor screw has better resistance ability, especially combined with 2-0 suture.
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    Characteristic analysis of insulin secretion and sensitivity in pre-diabetes populations under new diagnostic criteria
    HE Xing-xing, MA Xiao-jing, YING Ling-wen, ZHU Wei, GU Cheng-chen, TANG Jun-ling, WANG Yu-fei, BAO Yu-qian, ZHOU Jian
    2018, 38 (8):  940. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.014

    Abstract ( 1081 )   PDF (9822KB) ( 601 )  
    Objective · To investigate the characteristics of insulin secretion function and sensitivity and blood glucose disposition capacity in the pre-diabetes populations. Methods · A total of 1 317 subjects were enrolled in this study, including 382 with normal glucose tolerance (NGT) and 935 with pre-diabetes. All pre-diabetes populations were divided into seven subgroups according to the cut-off points of 2010 American Diabetes Association standards. Homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) was used to access baseline insulin secretion (HOMA-β) and insulin sensitivity (HOMA-IR). Insulin secretion and sensitivity after glucose load were evaluatedarea under curve (AUC) for insulin/AUC for glucose (AUCINS120/AUCGLU120) and insulin sensitivity index (ISI) calculated Cederholm formula, respectively. Disposition index (DI) was used to reflect blood glucose disposition capacity. Results · The most common type of pre-diabetes was impaired fasting glucose (IFG) combined with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)5.7%-6.4%, followedisolated IGT, while the proportion of isolated IFG was the lowest. The insulin sensitivity of isolated HbA1c 5.7%-6.4% group was better than that of isolated IFG group, isolated IGT group, and IFG combined with IGT group (P<0.05). And its β-cell function was similar with the other subgroups. The DI value of isolated HbA1c 5.7%-6.4% group was about 1.5 times of that of isolated IGT group and IFG combined with IGT group (P0.000), which was similar with isolated IFG group. The function of β cell or insulin sensitivity in the pre-diabetes subjects with HbA1c 5.7%-6.4% was further damaged compared with the pre-diabetes people whose HbA1c were lower than 5.7%. Conclusion · Different types of pre-diabetes are significantly heterogeneous under new diagnostic criteria, and further prospective studies with a larger sample size are needed to clarify whether HbA1c 5.7%-6.4% is suias a diagnostic criteria for pre-diabetes in Chinese population.
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    Research progress of role of Pi3k/Akt pathway in mechanism of atypical antipsychotic drugs
    CHEN Yan, ZHANG Chen
    2018, 38 (8):  948. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.015

    Abstract ( 676 )   PDF (9318KB) ( 551 )  
    The alterations of Pi3k/Akt pathway may be critical in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. Furthermore, atypical antipsychotic drugs can modify Pi3k/Akt pathway, which have been received wide attention. This review mainly focused on four aspects, i.e. metabolic syndrome, changes in immune function, cognitive impairment and neuroprotective effect, and summarized the research progress of role of Pi3k/Akt pathway in the mechanism of atypical antipsychotic drugs.
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    Prognostic evaluation of different PET/CT reading methods in Hodgkin lymphoma and diffused large B-cell lymphoma
    XIE Wei1, JIANG Xu-feng2, ZHAO Wei-li1, WANG Li1
    2018, 38 (8):  954. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.016

    Abstract ( 838 )   PDF (8940KB) ( 499 )  
    18F-fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography-computed tomography (18F-FDG PET/CT) has been used as a crucial imaging modality for staging and prognosis evaluation in the patients with lymphoma. Since biological characteristics, treatment responses and prognosis vary in different subtypes of lymphoma, this review mainly focused on progress of 18F-FDG PET/CTevaluationin prognosis of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL)and diffused large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). The significance in prognostic evaluation of interim 18F-FDG PET/CT in HL is well-known, but it still remains controversy in DLBCL. Moreover, the semi-quantitative method of 18F-FDG PET/CT evaluation in lymphoma has bright future.
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    Effect of IDHgene mutation on acute myeloid leukemia
    LI Qing-li, WEN Jun, MIN Xue-jie, ZHAO Li, ZHAO Xiao-ping
    2018, 38 (8):  960. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.017

    Abstract ( 914 )   PDF (10873KB) ( 585 )  
    Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) is an important metabolic enzyme involved in the tricarboxylic acid cycle. In recent years, IDH has become the most frequent tumor metabolic mutation gene in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Unlike other mutations, it gains new functions which can catalyze &alpha;-ketoglutarate (&alpha;-KG) to produce the tumor metabolite D-2-hydroxyglutarate (D-2-HG). The increased D-2-HG in the cells can affect bone marrow cell differentiation and proliferation and induce myeloid tumorsthe genetic controls, cell signaling, bone marrow microenvironment changes and other ways. Currently, the new IDH2 inhibitors AG-221 and IDH1 inhibitors become the first-line drugs targeted therapy in patients with IDH mutations in AML. This paper focused on the mutation of IDH and its mutation characteristics, the formation mechanism of AMLthe metabolites producedmutation, the metabolic pathway of tumor metabolites and the research progress of IDH inhibitors.
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    Research progress on the correlation between gut microbiota and obstetrics and gynecology diseases
    GU Ting-ting, LAI Dong-mei
    2018, 38 (8):  967. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.018

    Abstract ( 1253 )   PDF (9796KB) ( 653 )  
    The human gastrointestinal tract is colonized100 trillion microbes which is called the gut microbiome, whose number vastly outnumbers our bodies. The gut microbiota plays an important role in the process of human health involved with evolution, development, metabolism and immune defense. However, it also has been found to be related with many human diseases. In recent years, an increasing number of studies have begun to reveal how these inhabitants played a role for obstetrics and gynecology related diseases. As discussed in this review, some imbalance of the microbiota ecosystem occurs in several diseases, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, gestational diabetes mellitus and premature birth. Moreover, the reestablishment of the intestinal homeostasis has shown great effects on women related diseases as well as neonatal/childhood outcomes. This paper reviewed the correlation between gut microbiota and obstetrics and gynecology related diseases.
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    Mindfulness-based intervention to prevent relapse and relevant imaging studies
    ZHANG Jing-ying, SHI Jing-qing, DU Jiang
    2018, 38 (8):  973. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.019

    Abstract ( 911 )   PDF (9035KB) ( 681 )  
    Drug abis an important issue in China, while there is no effective drug to control the craving, which is the main reason that leads to the relapse. Mindfulness-based relapse prevention, as a novel treatment approach, has been used in the treatment of drug dependence, and a number of researches on this topic have been conducted. The current paper provided a review of recent clinical researches and relevant imaging studies to discuss the application of mindfulness-based relapse prevention, which hopes to provide theoretical basis for future study.
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    Research progress of magnetoencephalography in neurological paroxysmal disease
    ZHAN Fei-xia1, CAO Chun-yan2, CAO Li1
    2018, 38 (8):  979. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.020

    Abstract ( 743 )   PDF (8056KB) ( 385 )  
    Neurological paroxysmal disease is a large group of clinical syndrome with a characteristic of sudden, recurrent, self-limiting. Clinically, routine biochemical or imaging examinations are usually with no significant abnormalities in the interictal period. However, magnetoencephalography (MEG), as an important electrophysiological tool in studying brain magnetic signals and monitoring brain electric activity, has highly temporal and spatial resolution for its noninvasive measurement of human brain with superconducting quantum interference. Therefore, it has been gradually used in researching for functional activities and mechanisms of the neuropsychiatric disorders and the advanced brain activity. There mainly reviewed the application and studies of MEG in epilepsy, paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesias and migraine.
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    Research progress of endogenous exosomes as nano drug delivery system for treatment of myocardial ischemia
    HONG Ting, XUE Xiao-mei, HE Bin
    2018, 38 (8):  984. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.021

    Abstract ( 867 )   PDF (9358KB) ( 509 )  
    Exosomes are natural nano vesicles secretedliving cells, which play an important role in cellular communication and substance transportation. As a kind of carrier of human endogenous for drug transportation, many advantages of exosomes are in sight, for example, low toxicity, non immunogenicity, good permeability and high-targeting. In recent years, small molecular chemical drugs, nucleic acids and proteins have been successfully deliveredexosomes. This novel carrier is expected to provide strong support for the clinical treatment of myocardial ischemia. The research progress of exosomes as a kind ofcarrierinthetreatment of myocardial ischemiawasbriefly summarizedinthisarticle.
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    Effect of imblanced vaginal flora on female infertility
    CHU Wei-wei, XU Jie-ying, CHEN Zi-jiang, DU Yan-zhi
    2018, 38 (8):  990. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.022

    Abstract ( 864 )   PDF (9512KB) ( 556 )  
    Recently the incidence of female infertility is on the rise. The variable and complicated caof infertility makes it difficult to diagnose in clinical practise. The relationship between vaginal flora and host immune system plays a vital role in female physiological function. Vaginal microbiota dysbiosis may be related to all kinds of infertility, such as tube infertility, endometriosis, anovulatory infertility and idiopathic infertility. In other words, vaginal microbiota dysbiosis may take part in the infertile process. For now the mechanism is far clear. Some scientists suppose that Lactobacillus deficiency, chronic inflamationandlow estrogen levelmight get involved inthispathophysiological progression,which needs to be studied in the furture.
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    Studies about the influence of self-focused attention on social anxiety disorder and other mental disorders
    LIU Xi-tong, WANG Zhen, XIAO Ze-ping
    2018, 38 (8):  996. 
    doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.08.023

    Abstract ( 908 )   PDF (7747KB) ( 492 )  
    Self-focused attention is an attentional bias about one&prime;s own information that produces in the organism. Social anxiety patients&prime; self-focused attention usually focuses on the ideas, emotions and behaviors generated in social occasion, which is a negative cognitive processing tendency that leads to the maintenance of anxiety symptoms. This paper reviewed the literatures of the theories and the research method of self-focused attention, and the effects of self-focused attention on social anxiety disorder and other mental diseases, so as to provide new ideas for the research of mechanisms such as social anxiety disorder.
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